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ST∞L 01

ST∞L 01

450 EUR
Blue stained wood and matte coating.
315 x 360 x 315 mm

Made on demand.
2-4 Weeks production time if not in stock.

Please mail us about shipping outside Europe and we'll give you a shipping quote.

ST∞L is a sequence, a collection of experiments on colour and connections. My focus was my intuition, allowing the hand and the eye to direct my process. Daily exercises to explore and develop techniques through practice
and repetition. Each day a new experiment. Each day a continuation of and reaction to the previous.

Using a limited palette of pine and screen print dye, materials left over from previous work, the small tests developed into the foundations for ST∞L. Assembled in my studio, each stool evolves from the previous, the change subtle in contrast to the bold and graphic elements within each piece. Their shared origin is clear but each presents its own unique and playful character.

This project is ongoing and will continue to explore using new materials, colors and connections as reactions to the previous work. The project was launched during Milano Designweek 2016